Pi Beta Phi
At The University of Southern Mississippi
About Our Chapter

A Letter from Our President

Hello from MS Alpha!

My name is Virginia Pressly and I am MS Alpha’s Chapter President. This chapter is home to over one hundred absolutely incredible women who I am proud to call my sisters! While we all have our differences and things that set us apart, we all harbor the same core values, those in Pi Beta Phi.

Since 2017 I have watched Pi Phi shape these women, and those who came before myself, into the powerful women they are today. The opportunity to serve my MS Alpha and to play a role in the formation of these ladies’ characters is my proudest accomplishment. 

MS Alpha, I am grateful to know you and to love you. You have my heart forever and I have your back always.



Greetings from MS Alpha,

From the moment I walked through the doors of Pi Beta Phi, I have felt an overwhelming sense of comfort, appreciation, and peace. Pi Phi has not only given me a group of women to call friends, it has also given me the opportunity to grow and lead in ways I never thought I could. As a freshman, I never anticipated leading this chapter, but the friends I have made here encouraged me to tap into my love for our organization by stepping up to lead.

Mississippi Alpha is such a unique chapter full of incredible women. We pride ourselves on our diversity, individuality, and love for our philanthropy. I fully believe that this chapter has given me much more than I have given to it. The experiences MS Alpha has given to me through working with our philanthropy and meeting other Pi Phi women from across the country are some of the best memories I have.

We welcome you to explore our chapter and get to know MS Alpha better!

Pi Phi Love and Mine,

Anna Claire Elliott